You Can Now Download ‘Need For Speed: No Limits’ Available Directly From The Play Store And App Store

You Can Now Download ‘Need For Speed: No Limits’ Available Directly From The Play Store And App Store

EA Games rolls out the awaited racing game on Android and iOS, giving eager players the Need for Speed experience in a new setting. The racing mobile app, however, needs more than just gas.
(Photo : EA Games)

EA Games' first mobile-exclusive Need for Speed game is finally available on the Play Store and App Store, which was only available for pre-purchase before. Contrary to its name Need for Speed: No Limits, it is unfortunately not without limits.

Firemonkeys, the Australia-based developer and makers of Real Racing, developed the game, offering more than 100 player levels and over 10 different game modes as well as 900 race events, 30 different licensed vehicles and 38 race courses. The content is more than enough to keep Need for Speed fans glued to their handsets or tablets for hours on end. But to play Need for Speed: No Limits continuously, players will have to dish out some cash.

While the game is free to download, it heavily relies on in-app purchases. It has been known long before the game's official release that players will have to pay for gas, ranging from approximately $2 to $120, which is the aspect of the mobile app that turns players off from it, not to mention that the touch-compatible racing game also needs a stable Internet connection.

The racing mobile app retains the essence of the Need for Speed franchise though. Racers will participate in events, acquire plenty of cars, outrun or ram into police cars, customize rides and enjoy a rich storyline and cut scenes all in a vivid city setting.

Experienced mobile racers will have no problems driving, as No Limits'Â controls are pretty straightforward and similar to other Android and iOS racing games. Players can steer their cars by tapping left or right and can swipe up to engage a nitro boost. The game also has gyroscope support, allowing players to steer by tilting their devices instead, as well as another control setting in which players can swipe left and right to steer. Racers, however, won't have control over gear shifts or acceleration.

"In any mode, the car accelerates and shifts automatically. Players can also drift around corners by swiping down on the screen and steering to drift around the turn," reports Adweek.

Need for Speed: No Limits requires iPhone 4 and above and Android 4.03 or later versions, which means that newer devices out in the market will be able to run the game.

Players will just have to live with the caps that EA Games set in the game, as the company doesn't intend to change its policy about in-app purchases. Since February 2015, Need for Speed: No Limits was available for testing in the Netherlands, and it retained the in-app purchases until it went official.