You Can Now Buy DJI Phantom 3 Drones Via Apple’s Online Store

You Can Now Buy DJI Phantom 3 Drones Via Apple's Online Store

Apple officially started selling DJI's Phantom 3 line of camera drones on its online store, with a starting price of $999.95 for the Advanced model, but the 4K one will cost more. The drones are iPhone and iPad-friendly, so here's the deal.
(Photo : Apple | Tech Times)

Apple's online store just widened its range of available products, now selling DJI Technologies' Phantom 3 line of drones compatible with iPhones and iPads.

The company is now officially listing the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 3 Professional camera drones as available for purchase online, but the devices won't come cheap.

The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Camera Drone sells for $999.95, albeit this model can't shoot video in 4K like its Professional counterpart. Nevertheless, the Advanced model still sports a 12-megapixel camera, a dedicated and customizable remote controller, a three-axis stabilization gimbal, GPS, an Intelligent Flight Battery, Vision Positioning System, HD video shooting and live HD view from the camera to an iPhone or iPad via the compatible DJI GO app.

Easy to fly right out of the box, the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Camera Drone lets you capture and view striking images from far above your world on an iPhone or iPad with the included HD video, 12 megapixel photo camera, and GO app. Users can remotely control the drone's speed, direction and camera with the remote controller. Apple recommends this model for video and still image capture.

The whole Phantom 3 Advanced Camera Drone package includes the drone itself, the remote controller, Intelligent Flight Battery, Intelligent Battery charger, two sets of flight propellers, a 16GB microSD card, multicolored and customizable stickers, and spare parts and accessories.

The higher-end DJI Phantom 3 Professional Camera Drone, meanwhile, has powerful motors and neat features, it can shoot 4K video at up to 30 fps or capture 12-megapixel still photos. Just like with the Advanced model, the Professional one can also send live HD video to an iPhone or iPad with the help of the free DJI GO app, complete with a live GPS and more. It also has all the highlight features and items listed above for the Advanced model. Being higher-end, however, also means a price bump, as the DJI Phantom 3 Professional Camera Drone retails for $1,259.95.

Apple is currently selling these drones only through its online store, not in physical retail locations. Nevertheless, customers can still make their purchase online and have it shipped for pickup at an Apple retail store.