You Can Now Buy ‘Anki Overdrive’ In The US And Canada

You Can Now Buy 'Anki Overdrive' In The US And Canada

The robotics and AI battle-racing game Anki OVERDRIVE is now available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada. Here's what's new in this follow-up to the popular Anki DRIVE game.
(Photo : Anki)

Robotics and AI company Anki has released OVERDRIVE, the follow-up to the company's smart race car toy set DRIVE, which first debuted at the 2013 Apple WWDC.

In Anki OVERDRIVE, players use their mobile devices to power Supercars in this part-toy, part-video game battle-racing system. Players duke it out in a variety of game modes, including King of the Hill, Time Trial and the OVERDRIVE tournament.

Anki OVERDRIVE uses magnetic modular tracks that allow users to customize their arenas. In-game upgrades also allow users to tailor their Supercars' speed, weapons and defense mechanisms however they please.

If you bought Anki DRIVE just last year, there's good news for you. Anki OVERDRIVE is backward compatible, which means those that have Anki DRIVE will be able to just download the new app for free and experience some of the features in this new game using all of the equipment they already own.

The Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit, which retails for $149.99, includes 10 track pieces, allowing you to build eight battlefields in all, two robotic Supercars, a four-car charging platform, two riser pieces and a tire cleaner. There are also several expansion pieces available for purchase, from four additional Supercars, which retail for $49.99 each, to track pieces that will help you add more speed, turns, intersections and jumps to your battlefield, ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 apiece.

Check out Anki OVERDRIVE in action in the video below.

Via: Slash Gear