Windows 10 Is Now Running On 100 Million Devices: Report

Windows 10 Is Now Running On 100 Million Devices: Report

Windows 10 has 100 million users right now. In three years, Microsoft aims to have one billion Windows 10 installs.
(Photo : Microsoft | Facebook)

Bill Gates is surely having a good month as Microsoft's latest big release Windows 10 hits the 100 million download mark.

Dropped on July 29, the Windows software upgrade has been installed on 75 million computers worldwide as of Aug. 26, according to official data from Microsoft.

The latest statistics was released by IT website Petri, which claims to have insiders in Microsoft.

Microsoft is targeting one billion Windows 10 installs in three years. Now that 10 percent of the goal has been accomplished in two months, the ambitious achievement may just be possible although it may be more challenging when the euphoria for the new release is over.Â

The rate of the adoption of the OS should continue to grow well, with the American company signing a deal with Beijing Web services company Baidu to help ship the OS to China.

Cortana, the personal assistant for Windows 10, is starting to gain attention. Cortana helps users find things on their PC, manage their calendar, track packages and find files. Cortana even chats with users and tells jokes. The more the PC owner uses Cortana, the more personalized their experience becomes.

"One trend that will be interesting to watch is to see if consumers warm up to Cortana and then want that feature in other locations, such as on their phone or even their work PCs," writes Brad Sams of Petri.

In October, Microsoft will have another major unveiling, which is expected to spike interest for Windows 10.

On Oct. 6, the company will announce its next generation of hardware that will include Surface and phones. These devices will be used as flagship products for the company and will also include enterprise-friendly features.

Surface Pro 4 will be the first hardware made especially for Windows 10. Pro 4 will be positioned as a hero device for the OS and will feature support for Windows Hello, and of course have the latest Intel processors.