Weird Sony Hybrid Remote Control Bluetooth Speaker Debuts

Weird Sony Hybrid Remote Control Bluetooth Speaker Debuts

Sony has debuted a new hybrid remote control/Bluetooth speaker combination. The device is set to debut in Japan in September.
(Photo : Engadget)

A bizarre hybrid Bluetooth speaker and remote control device from Sony is about to hit the shelves in Japan. The device is one in a long line of weird remote control hybrids available to consumers.

Bluetooth speakers are one of the most popular new affordable tech gadgets of the past few years, and remote controls of one sort or another are a mainstay of every household with a TV set, let alone various other IR compatible gadgets. However, even though we're pretty sure no one has ever thought "I wish my portable Bluetooth speaker and my remote were combined into one device", leave it to the folks at Sony to come up with a device exactly as that, a hybrid portable Bluetooth speaker remote control, just in time for the new fall TV season.

Just attach a dongle to your TV or stereo and listen to sound from the source wherever you are via the SRS-LSR100's 2.4GHz signal. The device sports 16 hours of battery life, headphone jack, and is drip resistant, which comes in handy when using it in the kitchen. Sony also brags (via Japanese translation) that the speaker is "useful when it is difficult to hear in conjunction with the family."

The Sony device, which is not currently available in the U.S. but hits the shelves in Japan on Sept.12 at a cost of around $170, reminds us of a few other crazy remote control combinations we've seen. Brookstone famously combined a remote control with a pillow, although the device was discontinued; most likely due to the fatal flaw of unwanted channel changing when adjusting couch positions.

Then there's the combination remote control and magic wand, apparently in high demand among witches and sorcerers, although it would seem that possessing a magic wand would make a remote control unnecessary.

The best of all however, may be the combination remote control bottle opener. Because who wants to get up off the couch while nursing that 6 pack and catching up on the game or their favorite TV series?