Wander Through The Star Trek Enterprise In This VR Demo

Wander Through The Star Trek Enterprise In This VR Demo

The Enterprise 3D Project, now Oculus Rift-ready, allows you to go on a tour of the whole ship, and even lets you fly the shuttlecraft out into nearby space.
(Photo : Enterprise-D 3D Project)

Alongside the boom in virtual reality technology comes the ability to do things we never thought we ever could. Lives that were once exclusive to our favorite characters and plots are now immersible experiences thanks to headsets like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

The Star Trek fandom is one of the first to get the best of both worlds with this Oculus Rift-ready Enterprise 3D Project. Seen from the perspective of a crew member, the demo video showcases how fans can now roam around every single part of the ship. Though alone in the demo, the tourist will hear voice clips of the cast as he or she enters the bridge, one of the highlights of the tour.

"As I first started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I was enamored by the unique characters, sets, story lines, and lesson learned from each show," shared Jason, author of the Enterprise 3D Project. "I wanted to be on that ship, experience its wonders. The Enterprise D was refined, unlike any sci-fi ship I had seen before. If only there was a way to bring it to life," the 3D artist added.

Jason came up with the perfect idea at the perfect point.

Designed using blueprints from Andrew Probert and modified by Rick Sternbach, the Enterprise 3D Project aims to be featured in the Unreal 4Â game engine. Jason is looking at the possibility of partnering with crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Patreon to undertake this massive project.

The Enterprise 3D Project is as canon as it gets. It involves a seamless tour of the ship's entire length where you can walk the all-too-familiar hallways, view space through the screens, fly the shuttlecraft, live as a crew member, explore the communal areas, and visit rooms never seen before even on the show.

Check out the project's virtual tour demo in the video below.