Twitter To Take On Snapchat With Improved Photo And Video Editing Tools

Twitter To Take On Snapchat With Improved Photo And Video Editing Tools

Twitter is testing a slew of new video and photo editing tools that will allow users to post Snapchat-like videos to their Twitter feeds. The new tools were tested by celebrities at the VMAs and include the ability to put stickers and drawings on videos.
(Photo : @taylorswift13 | Twitter)

It seems as though Twitter will be giving users more tools when it comes to video creativity in the near future. That's if the numerous images and videos posted by celebrities at the VMAs are anything to go by.

Twitter's Director of Entertainment Talent Lara Cohen, who implied in a tweet that the stars were testing out something new, confirmed the new tools. It's not yet known if the features will be included in a new app or baked into the current Twitter apps. Historically, however, Twitter tends to add features to its current apps.

Here's an example of one of the tweets from Taylor Swift.


— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) August 31, 2015

It seems as though some of these new tools are intended to bring Twitter in line with features offered by the likes of Facebook and Snapchat, both of which allow users to add stickers and images to their videos.

Of course, while Twitter might be trying to take market share from other social media services, it's not the only one. Facebook has been trying to replicate Twitter's micro-blogging style for years now, and is reportedly working on a new tool that will attempt to offer users a replacement for using Twitter as a news source.

Twitter has even been trying to offer users a replacement for Facebook's instant messaging services. The company recently announced that there would no longer be a limit to how long direct messages can be on Twitter. Apart from this, however, Twitter has been largely public, while Facebook is a little more private.

Of course, it's unlikely that Twitter's new video and photo tools will make a big difference on the likes of Snapchat and Facebook. Users of Snapchat will probably continue to use Snapchat, regardless of the tools offered by Twitter.

Celebrities who used the new tools during the VMAs include the likes of Taylor Swift, Pharell and Big Sean.

Via: GigaOM