TomorrowWorld Issues Official Apology On Facebook Page, Ravers Still Angry Over Festival Fiasco

TomorrowWorld Issues Official Apology On Facebook Page, Ravers Still Angry Over Festival Fiasco

TomorrowWorld organizers have posted an official apology to their Facebook page. Many attendees however feel the statement doesn’t take proper responsibility for the disastrous conditions which resulted when rain fell on the Georgia EDM festival.
(Photo : Facebook | Tech Times)

The organizers of TomorrowWorld have issued an official apology on the event's Facebook page for the chaos and confusion that erupted at last week's EDM festival in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. The organizers appear to still be blaming the fiasco on weather conditions, which were expected.

We recently reported on the disastrous events surrounding the 2015 TomorrowWorld EDM festival. During rainy weather, the lack of organization and planning left thousands of ravers stranded at the cold and dark muddy festival site with no transportation home. Ticket-holders were refused entry on Sunday, the event's final day, unless they were already on site in the camping area.

Angry attendees have been venting their frustration on the "TomorrowWorld 2015 Sucks" Facebook page set up for them to vent their frustration and tell their stories. Pictures and stories about the fiasco have been widely reported in the media, creating a well-deserved PR disaster for the festivals organizers.

An official statement of apology has now been issued on the TomorrowWorld Facebook page. The statement reads as follows:


We understand and hear your frustrations and disappointments in the developments at TomorrowWorld over the last weekend.

Our only goal was to create together with you the best weekend of the year, and we are heartbroken that we were not able to provide some of our precious fans with the full TomorrowWorld experience, which includes the complete journey to and from the festival.

The combination of your positive energy and our hard work did not shine through and we completely understand your dissatisfaction. TomorrowWorld was also let down by a number of external factors which did not allow us to provide you with the full experience you deserve. We realize we can't turn back time and make it perfect, but for those who wish to, we are here to communicate directly and listen to all your personal stories, frustrations and questions.

You are the true People of Tomorrow and deserve all the respect in the world. As a part of this, the refund policy is active here…"

The post then continues on to post the company's refund policy. The apology, however, does not seem to be placating disturbed attendees who are still flooding social media, including the "TomorrowWorld Sucks 2015" Facebook page, with additional complaints and disaster stories.

Attendees are frustrated that the organization continues to blame the weather without taking responsibility for the poor planning and organization, which was the real source of the problems. After all, they argue, not only is rain always a significant possibility at outdoor events, but the rainy weather had actually been forecast and should have been expected and planned for appropriately.