ThinkGeek’s Steampunk, LED-Capable Tesla Watch Is 100% Real

ThinkGeek's Steampunk, LED-Capable Tesla Watch Is 100% Real

ThinkGeek is selling a Nikola Tesla-inspired watch that focuses more on steampunk style than functionality.
(Photo : Tesla)

Custom handmade product e-retailer ThinkGeek has come up with a watch that can only be described as "Steampunk-chic." The company's new Tesla Watch features leather, brass, glass and LED lights. Basically, it's the aesthetic opposite of a smart watch (a smart-looking watch?).

The watch consists of two differently sized analog dials – one for the minute and hour hands and the other for the second hand – that can be maneuvered with an "ornamental winding key" used to set the time (and later latched onto the body of the watch). There are also two vacuum tube-style LED lights on top that can be activated using a small switch.

Looking at the features independently, it becomes pretty clear that this watch isn't so much built for functionality as for a specific aesthetic. The stainless steel case measures 1.6 inches in diameter, with the watch face itself being 1 inch and the entire thing (tubes and all) being 2.7 inches.

The device includes button cell batteries and a small tin for gifting purposes. All of this retro goodness will come at a price of $59.99 in the online ThinkGeek store.