The Tivo Bolt Is A Binge-Watcher’s Dream

The Tivo Bolt Is A Binge-Watcher's Dream

Tivo announced its new Bolt box Wednesday. The company's latest entertainment system allows you to skip entire commercial breaks, blast through slow-moving shows and has 4K support.
(Photo : Laura Rosenfeld | Tech Times)

Tivo unveiled its new Bolt box Wednesday, its latest entertainment system that aims to cater to consumers' appetite for high-quality, uninterrupted TV viewing.

I got to briefly take the Tivo Bolt out for a spin, and I was eager to try out its new SkipMode myself. I can't tell you how many times I've pressed the fast forward button one too many times, making the show skip ahead way too fast, only to have to rewind back to to see the parts I would've missed.

SkipMode is a new function with the Tivo Bolt that allows users to skip the entirety of a commercial break and resume playing right where your recorded content picks up again. When I tried out the Tivo Bolt on for size, it successfully skipped ahead to where The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon started up again toward the middle of the show. However, SkipMode was a little off when I got to the end of the program, probably because there was much less content left to view compared with the rest of the show. Still, anything that helps me resume watching my show faster is definitely a bonus.

The Tivo Bolt starts at $299.99, which includes one year of Tivo service. Other new features to the Tivo Bolt include QuickMode, which allows you to breeze through slow-moving shows 30 percent faster, and 4K streaming support.

The Tivo Bolt Is A Binge-Watcher's Dream
(Photo : Laura Rosenfeld | Tech Times) The Tivo Bolt box.