‘The Stanley Parable’ Follow-Up ‘The Beginner’s Guide’ Launching On Oct. 1: What’s With The Hype?

'The Stanley Parable' Follow-Up 'The Beginner's Guide' Launching On Oct. 1: What's With The Hype?

'The Beginner's Guide,' a follow up to the narrative video game 'The Stanley Parable' will launch on Oct. 1 for PC and Mac. The game will cost $10.
(Photo : The Beginner's Guide)

The follow-up to the narrative video game The Stanley Parable is called The Beginner's Guide and will launch on Oct. 1. The enormous success of The Stanley Parable has created a big hype in the gaming industry where avid gamers are keenly waiting for the follow up of the video game.<

Davey Wreden had created The Stanley Parable, which first released in July 2011. However, in 2012, Wreden along with Willian Pugh announced the HD remake of the game under the development team name of Galactic Cafe. The game was released for PC in October 2013 and subsequently released for Mac in December 2013.

Wreden also said that The Stanley Parable makes the gamer feels that there is an answer but in fact there are no answers.

"The whole point of the game is that there is no answer," said Wreden in an interview with Wired. "The entirety of the game is realizing what the question is in the first place."

The Stanley Parable received positive reception by many gamers and reviewers and by October 2014 the game had been downloaded more than 1 million times.

"The Stanley Parable is both a richly stimulating commentary on the nature of choice in games (and in other systems, too, like our workplaces and our families) and a game that offers some of the most enjoyable, surprising, and rewarding choices I've ever been confronted with in a game. Going the wrong way has never felt so right," wrote Caroline Petit of Gamespot.

The teaser website of the upcoming first-person narrative game – The Beginner's Guide – does not give any details about the game. However, reports suggest that the video game does not have any traditional mechanics and does not have any objectives or goals. The video game just tells a story of an individual, who is struggling to deal with something, which the person is unable to understand.

Gamespot reports that The Beginner's Guide will be released on PC and Mac on Oct. 1 and will have a price tag of $10. The game will be available at a discount of 20 percent in the first week following the release.