The Fossil Smartwatch Is The First Android Wear Smartwatch From An Actual Watchmaker

The Fossil Smartwatch Is The First Android Wear Smartwatch From An Actual Watchmaker

Fossil has announced its first Android Wear smartwatch at the Intel Developer Forum, making the company the first watchmaker to release an Android Wear device. Only time will tell how well the device sells, considering the flat-tire issue that it has, similar to the Motorola Moto 360.
(Photo : Engadget)

The Intel Developer Forum this week has been home to a number of chip releases, but we also saw other products, such as the new Fossil Android Wear smartwatch.

The device is yet to be named, is something we already knew was coming, and looks similar to the Motorola Moto 360 with the flat-tire look, in which part of the screen is blacked out at the bottom, where some of the parts are housed.

Despite the fact that the device has the flat-tire issue, it's a pretty good-looking device, featuring nice leather bands and a smart-looking casing. The device is powered by Intel, but we don't know too much about the specs of the watch just yet.

The fact that these two companies are teaming up has been no secret, but the partnership is still significant. Fossil is really one of the first real watch manufacturers to enter the consumer smartwatch business, while other smartwatch makers normally came from, and still are, smartphone makers. Another watch manufacturer set to enter the smartwatch market is Tag Heuer, which has not released any products just yet, but has announced that its smartwatch will be nothing like those from Apple and Android Wear manufacturers.

The Android Wear watch isn't the only smart wearable that the company released, however. It also showed off another connected band and a second smartwatch that isn't as full-featured as a regular smartwatch and will probably retail for a little less. All three of the devices are expected to be available by the holiday season.

Of course, given the fact that the device has the flat-tire look, Fossil's first attempt at a smartwatch may not be as popular as the company wants it to be. When the Moto 360 was first released, it was largely considered the best-looking smartwatch on the market and many were fine with overlooking the flat tire because of that. Now that there are a number of other round smartwatches on the market without that issue, critics are sure to be a little harsher on the Fossil smartwatch.

The company will likely release details about the specs and pricing of the device in the next few months.

Via: Engadget