Searching For Apps On Your Android Mobile Device? Google Search Results Will Surprise You

Searching For Apps On Your Android Mobile Device? Google Search Results Will Surprise You

Google has updated the search results on Android devices to show a colorful, grid-like display of apps that the user can either open or install on their device. The change is heavily inspired by Google's material design, and while it looks good, it takes up a lot more screen space than before.
(Photo : Tech Times)

Google has unveiled a new grid-like layout for some of its mobile searches on Android. The layout will appear when the search engine thinks a user is looking for apps to install.

Users suggest that the results predominantly come up when a user types a descriptive word followed by apps. For example, if a user searches for "camera apps," then the new grid-like interface will show.

Right after a user completes the search, a colorful grid of three apps across the screen will show, with a varied number of rows appearing. Users can see more by simply pressing on the "more apps" button.

The new interface certainly does look great, but some functionality is traded for those good looks. Previously, Google showed apps in search results, but with only enough room in search results to show a small description about what the app was. The new grid takes up more screen space and doesn't show explanations, although it still shows user ratings and the price, but it looks a lot better.

Within the apps, both installed and new apps will appear. If a user taps on an installed app, it will simply open up that app. Tapping on uninstalled apps will bring the user to the Google Play page for that app, where the user can see more information about the app or install it.

It's not yet known when Google will roll out the results universally across platforms. For example, a user trying to search the same thing on iOS will get the standard view rather than the updated one.

The change has not been formally announced by Google, but it's likely that there won't be a formal announcement.

Google has been beefing up search results a lot of late. The company announced earlier this year that it would begin showing tweets in search results, rolling out over the past few days the same feature on desktops. This particular change seems to be heavily influenced by Google's material design philosophy, which the company calls a visual language that synthesizes "the principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science."