Samsung Shows Off The Galaxy Gear 2 In Promotional Video Ahead Of IFA Berlin

Samsung Shows Off The Galaxy Gear 2 In Promotional Video Ahead Of IFA Berlin

Samsung has released a promotional video showing off the upcoming Galaxy Gear 2, giving us the best look at the device we've seen yet. Samsung has completely redesigned the Galaxy Gear, offering a round watch face and a much sleeker design,
(Photo : Samsung Mobile | YouTube)

Samsung has offered a teaser for the Galaxy Gear 2 ahead of its release at IFA Berlin on Sept. 3. The company released a video showing off a number of features of the device.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the new device is the fact that it is substantially better-looking than the original Galaxy Gear, being totally redesigned with a round face and a sleek design.

No longer are Samsung's watch offerings all chunky and rectangular. The device offers a sleek metallic look that would be in line with any other non-smartwatch on the market, let alone other smartwatches. One thing we don't really get a good look at is how thick the device is, but if it's thin enough it could certainly be a hit when it is finally released.

We also got a good look at the user interface of the new device. Unfortunately for the Android fans among us, it seems as though the device is still running the Tizen operating system, albeit an updated and sleeker version of it. What this means is that it is unlikely that the Gear 2 will be compatible with any non-Samsung devices. The Galaxy Gear was only compatible with Samsung smartphones in the Galaxy series.

Of course, this is not the first time we have seen the Gear 2. Samsung released a number of press shots showing the device in what appears to be a fashion shoot featuring the Gear 2 and a number of other new Samsung devices.

Despite these two promotional releases, specifications about the device remain fairly scarce. We know that it is most likely running a version of Tizen, and it will most likely be more powerful than its predecessor, but apart from that we know very little about what's under the hood. Another important detail that we have yet to learn about the new device is its price. Hopefully the company will keep it under $300, as was the case when the original Galaxy Gear launched with a price of $299.

Check out the promotional video below to get a better look at the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.