Odorless Jeans Clean Themselves And Reduce Individuals’ Impact On Climate Change

Odorless Jeans Clean Themselves And Reduce Individuals' Impact On Climate Change

Financial analyst Mannan Malik designed a pair of superhydrophobic jeans that self-clean, are stain resistant and also reduce the impact on climate change by requiring fewer washings.
(Photo : Odorless Jeans)

We all have been in that sticky situation where we temporarily ponder whether it's a good idea or not to wear a pair of jeans that should be in the laundry. You might chose to throw them on anyway if you are in a rush to run to work, or if you want one more perfect wear from them before the washing and drying process messes up the fit. But even if you aren't one to wash your jeans every day, at some point you just can't go walking around in smelly denim.

But you don't have to risk losing the perfect fit, vintage worn-in look, or even worry about your negative footprint on the environment, thanks to a financial analyst who developed an odorless pair of jeans that self-clean so you never have to wash them.

Mannan Malik was determined to never wash his vintage jeans because he wanted to keep their distinct look, but needed to find an alternative cleaning solution that wouldn't leave him stuck wearing dirty and smelly pants.

So the financial analyst by day, and now fashion designer by night, created Odorless Jeans, the pair of denim jeans that can go months without a single wash.

The pair of jeans have silver yarn that is woven into its fabric that kills bacteria, along with a "nanosphere" superhydrophobic coating that prevents food and liquid from leaving stains. As a result, the stain-repellent denim with odor protection technology allows the pair to stay fresher longer, cleaning itself, and saving time, energy, money and water used to clean them yourself.

Odorless Jeans Clean Themselves And Reduce Individuals' Impact On Climate Change

(Photo : Odorless Jeans)

Since by reducing the frequency of washing these jeans reduce the amount of water used to wash, as well as the energy used to run the washing machines, they are not just good for the slightly lazy fashionista. They are also ideal for the environmentally conscious.

People, on average, wash their jeans every two wears, Levi Stauss & Co. found in a study of consumer use habits. If the consumer now washes the pair after wearing them 10 times, the impact on climate change would be reduced up to 80 percent. That's a significant number for just one individual.

And who wouldn't mind saving some extra money that would normally go to detergent?

Because the Odorless Jeans save water, this could be a great new environmentally friendly fashion trend for states that suffer from record-breaking droughts, like California.

While it might be hard to get a celebrity to rock these jeans, it might also be hard to even get environmentalists on board. Some people think that pieces of silver when washed will go down the drain, which could be be a threat to marine life. However, the whole idea is to go a month without washing your jeans, so if you are washing them that much, Malik says consumers are essentially defeating the entire purpose.

It is not yet known which retailers will offer Odorless Jeans, or if Malik will stick to selling them online; however, he has found a partner in Pakistan to help manufacture the self-cleaning jeans. It is not yet known how much they will cost.

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