Nexus 6 Seeing Price Cuts: Buy Or Wait For The Nexus 6P?

Nexus 6 Seeing Price Cuts: Buy Or Wait For The Nexus 6P?

Retailers reduced the price of the Nexus 6, probably in anticipation of the next-generation Nexus 6P. The upcoming Nexus handset is estimated to be launched on Sept. 29.
(Photo : John Karakatsanis | Flickr)

The Motorola Nexus 6 is up for grabs for just $349.99 on eBay. The rumored next-generation Nexus 6P, or the Nexus 6 (2015), is expected to be showcased at an event later this month, and now the question arises: should you buy the Nexus 6 or wait for the Nexus 6P instead?

Google has also confirmed an event for Sept. 29 when the company is expected to release the much-awaited Android 6.0 Marshmallow mobile operating system. Usually, Nexus devices are the first to get the latest Android operating system and rumors suggest that the Nexus 6P will also be showcased at the Google event.

Normally, Google launches only one handset each year, but speculations are rife that this year, the internet giant will launch two handsets: the Nexus 5X made by LG and the Huawei-made Nexus 6P.

In anticipation of the upcoming Nexus smartphones, retailers have slashed the prices of the original Nexus 6 that was launched in Oct. 2014.

The 32GB version of the Nexus 6 was made available on eBay for $300Â but only limited quantities were on offer. Unfortunately, all the Nexus 6 available from eBay at discounted price were sold out.

However, customers can still get the Nexus 6 at a price of $350Â from Best Buy, which is a discount of $150.

The original Nexus 6 boasts a 5.96-inch display with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution. If rumors are to be believed, then the Nexus 6P will sport a smaller 5.7-inch display but pack in the same pixels as found in the Nexus 6.

The Nexus 6 comes running on a Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM. A powerful Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM are expected to power the next-generation Nexus 6P.

The upcoming Nexus 6P is estimated to get a 3,500mAh battery, which is slightly bigger than the 3,220mAh battery found in the Nexus 6.

Speculations of the Nexus 6P rear-facing camera sensor range from 12MP to 21MP. As the Nexus 6 is equipped with a 13MP rear-facing camera, Nexus enthusiasts will hope that the Nexus 6P comes with a better camera than its predecessor.

If rumors are legit then the Nexus 6P will include features that are definitely better than the Nexus 6, which makes the upcoming handset worth the buy. However, as the Nexus 6 still includes impressive specs, the handset may still attract many price-sensitive customers.

Photo: John Karakatsanis | Flickr