Microsoft Officially Unveils Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Release Date

Microsoft Officially Unveils Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Release Date

The Xbox One Elite Controller of Microsoft finally gets a release date. It will be launched alongside 'Halo 5: Guardians.'
(Photo : Microsoft Store)

Players will soon have a redefined gaming experience as Microsoft has officially revealed the release date of its highly-awaited Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. Microsoft's online store says it will be slated to land on store shelves on Oct. 27 and is already available for pre-order.

This wireless controller, priced at $149.99, will be released alongside Halo 5: Guardians.

A report pointed out the release date of Halo 5 is not coincidence, but perhaps a marketing strategy of Microsoft and 343 Industries, the game's developer, in a bid to make these two a huge hit for video game fanatics.

Microsoft earlier announced that it is going to launch its so-called Xbox One Elite Bundle to win over the hearts of gamers. The Elite Bundle, which has a price tag of $499, includes the controller Xbox One console along with a 1TB solid state hard drive. This is scheduled to arrive on Nov. 3.

"Unlock your full-gaming potential with this pro-level controller that adapts to your unique style of play and gives you the competitive edge," reads the product description of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

The gadget will offer the following features:

Game-Changing Accuracy

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is equipped with the faceted D-pad, which allows a more reliable combo execution. Likewise, it boasts of the traditional D-pad to enable more precise control of the game.

Personalized Control And Ergonomics

It comes with thumbsticks of various sizes and shapes to improve speed and accuracy.

Interchangeable Paddles

It features paddles that can be easily attached and removed.

Hair Trigger Locks

With this feature, the gamer can configure the trigger setting to suit the playing style of the gamer.

Profile Stored In The Cloud

It is worth noting that the gamer's profiles created in an app are stored in the cloud.

"[T]wo profiles can be saved on the controller too," says the product description.

Meanwhile, a video introducing Halo 5: Guardians was shown earlier this month, showcasing the updated multiplayer system of the game.

The publisher also shared to the eager fans the game's opening cinematic.Â