Microsoft Band 2 Leaked Images Show Off Sleek New Curved Display

Microsoft Band 2 Leaked Images Show Off Sleek New Curved Display

The upcoming Microsoft Band 2, which is largely expected for an official debut on Oct. 6, has been leaked to the Internet in pictures. Here is what the second-generation Band fitness tracker looks like.
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The Microsoft Band 2 has shown up online in newly leaked images showing off the upcoming fitness tracker's sleek, new design featuring a curved display.

Just ahead of Microsoft's media event scheduled for Oct. 6, where the Redmond-based company is expected to showcase the much anticipated Surface Pro 4 and Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones, Spanish website shared several photos of what is believed to be the Band 2.

A quick glance at the images tell us Microsoft has decided to stick mostly to the original Band's design, with one major difference. The Band 2 appears to have a new curved display that will make it easier for the fitness tracker to hug its wearer's wrist, at the same time giving it a nice, aesthetic oomph that wasn't in the original Band.

The images also show what seems to be a metallic finish around the display, possibly to give the device a more premium look. It appears Microsoft has also decided to throw in a couple of buttons on the side of the display to help users navigate the device's elongated display more easily. The battery is also believed to have been moved from the sides of the display to underneath it.

There is not much known about the Band 2, although reports claim it is internally known as Envoy at Microsoft. says the new device will have at least one new functionality: the ability to track elevation, which is useful for users who are climbing stairs or going up a hill, for instance.

It will likely come shipped with an updated Microsoft Health app. The app lets the original Band sync with an iOS, Android or Windows Phone device to display the user's information on a single interface. also says Microsoft will make its second-generation fitness tracker more widely available. Microsoft Band, which was generally well received, was only available in the United States. This time, the Band 2 is said to be making its way to Europe, particularly in Germany, Spain, France and Italy. Â

The Band 2 will likely offer the features available in its predecessor, including a host of sensors for measuring fitness metrics such as heart rate, skin temperature and stress, as well as tracking running routes. It will also likely have a microphone that can be used for dictating notes via voice. Â

No word yet has been made on how much the Band 2 will cost. The original Band launched at $199, a fairly steep price compared to other devices offering the same functionality.