Google Rolls Out Spiffy New Interface for App Searches Done on Mobile

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Google updated its mobile app search results with a bit of Material Design flair. Here’s how it looks right now. of 2
(Photo : Scott Olson | Getty Images)

Google Rolls Out Spiffy New Interface for App Searches Done on Mobile

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(Photo : Pedro Dias)

Google has given its mobile app search results a major makeover. Now, users who search for apps on Google using their Android device get treated to a good-looking new interface that makes the search results look like their own app store.

The change was first discovered by former Googler Pedro Dias, who posted an image of what the search results look like when looking for "weather apps." Android Police also spotted the new interface and shared a video of how searching for apps on mobile now looks.

Previously, app search results displayed apps in a list that showcased a short description, a rating, the number of users who downloaded the app, and a button that shows the price of the app and links the user to the Play Store.

The redesigned search results are now far more interesting to look at, with apps arranged in a colorful grid and the apps' icons displayed prominently on the grid squares they occupy. The results no longer show a description of each app though, but some useful information, such as the user rating, number of downloads and the price still remain.

The grid appears on top of the search results and users will still find the regular search results shown in their familiar blue listings below. However, there is also the option of expanding the app searches so that they take over the entire screen in a vivid array of colors and icons.

For now, the new design is limited to Android users, which isn't surprising, since Google will most likely want to prioritize sending users to the Play Store first before the Apple App Store or Microsoft's Windows Store. However, there is no word on whether Google will make the same changes for app searches on iOS or Windows Phone.

Nothing needs to be done on the user's end to get the new design, as this is a server-side change instituted by Google. The new app searches are likely to roll out in phases, so don't fret if you are still stuck with the same old, boring interface, as you will likely see the changes soon enough.

Check out the video shared by Android Police to see how the new app searches look like.