Get LG Watch Urbane For $240 Or $110 Off From Newegg: Here’s How

Get LG Watch Urbane For $240 Or $110 Off From Newegg: Here's How

Android news website Android Police discovered a method through which customers can get a $110 discount when purchasing the LG Watch Urbane from online retail portal Newegg.
(Photo : LG)

Wearable technology is growing in popularity among consumers, and the LG Watch Urbane is one of the premier devices available in the market today. The price of about $350 for one of the higher end models of the smartwatch and that could be too much for some customers.

Online retail portal Newegg can provide customers with a series of discounts which would lead to savings of $110, taking the price down of what is arguably the best Android Wear-powered smartwatch in the market from $350 to $240.

The total of $110 discount, reported by Android news website Android Police, utilizes a combination of an instant rebate, a coupon code and a mail-in rebate.

Newegg is currently offering the LG Watch Urbane with a $30 instant rebate, which is the easiest part of the offer as customers do not have to do anything to avail the discount.

Customers can then get an additional $60 off by using the coupon code of EMCAWKW92 when purchasing the device.

Lastly, customers can avail of a mail-in rebate worth $20. This is the part that would require the most effort, as customers would have to send mail and then wait for how long it would take to receive their prepaid Visa rebate card to be applied to the purchase of the LG Watch Urbane. This step also provides the smallest part of the discount though, so customers could choose to skip this step and still get a significant $90 discount.

It is recommended for customers who are looking to purchase the LG Watch Urbane to do so quickly. There is no indication on how long the instant rebate and the coupon code will last, with the very real possibility that this is only a limited time offer for both the instant rebate and the coupon code.

The LG Watch Urbane was released in April through the Google Store, with orders beginning shipping the following month. The smartwatch garnered a lot of attention when it was unveiled in the Mobile World Congress earlier this year in Barcelona due to its aesthetics. While most smartwatches look like square-shaped computers strapped to the user's wrist, the LG Watch Urbane features a classic, circular design that makes it look more like a traditional watch, with a stainless steel body that comes in either gold or silver and a leather strap.

The LG Watch Urbane has a 1.3-inch P-OLED display and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of DDR2 RAM and 4GB of internal memory capacity.