‘Fallout 4’ As 2D Isometric Game? Here’s How It Would Look Like

'Fallout 4' As 2D Isometric Game? Here's How It Would Look Like

"Stasis" game developer Chris Bischoff shows gamers what "Fallout 4" would look like with an isometric layout. His game looks pretty good too.
(Photo : Chris Bischoff)

Fallout 4 plus Stasis developer equals isometric Fallout 4 confirmed? Maybe not, but it does make for some intriguing art work.

Fallout 3 went first person, but the Fallout games before it had isometric layouts.

To draw attention to the launch of the Stasis game and pay homage to its inspiration, Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, developer Chris Bischoff shared his take on what an isometric Fallout 4 would look like.

"Fallout was a HUGE influence on Stasis, even with Mark Morgan signing on to do the games beautiful soundtrack," said Bischoff. "Here is our take on Fallout 4, keeping it in the original 2D Isometric view! If you are a fan of 2D isometric games, please check out Stasis now!"

'Fallout 4' As 2D Isometric Game? Here's How It Would Look Like

(Photo : Chris Bischoff)

Undoubtedly, there are still plenty of people just like Bischoff. They want to explore the Wastelands of Boston in the angular, overhead view once used for the Fallout series. The fan support would be there if some devs wanted to test such idea on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Stasis may not exactly satiate such a craving, but, by several accounts, it's a must-play game. It's a point-and-click adventure game that combines dystopian tropes with mature themes.

John, the game's protagonist, awakens and emerges from a stasis pod, of all places, to find that his ship has been wrecked and his family has disappeared. He's got to work his way through his doomed shipped, piecing together the story of what happened to the vessel now bound for Neptune's methane clouds.

"Stasis has an isometric visual aesthetic that brings a new angle to adventure games. Each scene has been individually detailed and created to craft the perfect backdrop for the gloomy adventure," said Stasis developer The Brotherhood. "While uniquely isometric, be ready for riveting cut scenes."

Stasis is out now for PC on Steam and GOG. The Brotherhood is offering the game for 20 percent off, bringing the game's price down from $25 to $20 on Steam and GOG until Sept. 7.