EA Opens ‘Need For Speed: No Limits’ Pre-Registrations On Google Play Store

EA Opens 'Need For Speed: No Limits' Pre-Registrations On Google Play Store

A police chase is just one of the things that keep Need for Speed a spectacular, adventurous game.
(Photo : Electronic Arts)

1994 was the first time the gaming world met Need for Speed, and the title kept making waves ever since. Its constant appeal came from a fast and furious, excellently implemented gameplay on every platform it has been released on, including PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Windows and OS X. The developers even created mobile versions of the game and it plays smoothly on Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

A new title is almost ready to join the popular franchise. Even if there is no option to download it yet, Electronic Arts allows users to make pre-registrations for the game on Google Play Store.

EA revealed earlier this year that the anticipated new title is called Need for Speed: No Limits. The company promises to deliver the same rush of adrenaline and wheel screeching experience, as well as 250 million customization possibilities. Dedicated fans will be able to equip unique body kits from Mad Mike, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Rocket Bunny.

Need for Speed: No Limits will be a freemium game, which means its maker allows users to freely download and play the title, but purchases of upgrade are also available and they are rumored to be a literal game-changer. Some of the new features will be free, and gamers can certainly beat the game for free, but a part of the novelties can be activated faster with the help of a credit card.

The Google Play Store gives away a few of the surprises in the installment. Racers can "collect real-world cars and use the most advanced customization system on mobile to build your dream machine and dominate the competition." For every mood you might have, EA has a corresponding mode. Standard story mode, Time Trial, Car Delivery and Duel are all up for you to experience. The developers actually recommend that you "hit the nitrous, and drift your way through rush-hour traffic to leave rival racers in the dust".

With little information regarding the release date, virtual drivers have to work on their patience and enjoy the eye candy teasers that live up to the good tradition of the rest of the series. It remains to be seen if the gameplay matches the refined, engaging graphics and if Electronic Arts delivers another title that can keep the pedal to the metal.