Deal Alert! Best Buy Is Now Offering The Xbox One For $299

Deal Alert! Best Buy Is Now Offering The Xbox One For $299

Get a pre-owned Xbox One console for only $299 at Best Buy.
(Photo : Steve Jennings | Getty Images)

For those looking to get their hands on their own Xbox One consoles, here is a great deal for you! Best Buy is offering Xbox One fans a chance to get a pre-owned console for the best price available in today's market.

Best Buy customers can buy Microsoft’s Xbox One console for just $299.99. Each package comes with an Xbox One console, a wireless controller, a 500GB hard drive and an HDMI cable.

The retail company is able to give this great deal because it allows Xbox One users to trade in used consoles and accessories for store credit. The traded in console is what you can get for $299.99. Shoppers should be aware that this deal may not include all parts and accessories, and the sets are not in their original packaging.

Though these consoles are pre-owned and may deter you from snagging this cool offer, note that the pre-owned consoles do have a limited warranty and are backed by Best Buy’s return and exchange policy. This means that buyers can return the console if it has any issues as long as they bring it back within 15 days from the date of purchase. The consoles are also inspected and verified by Best Buy to ensure that each machine works properly.

So far, this pre-owned Xbox One deal from Best Buy is the lowest priced package available from a retailer. Other retailers have priced their bundles from $319.99 to $344.98 depending on additional offers, such as the inclusion of a Kinect 2 sensor and limited subscription to Xbox Live Gold and other perks and add-ons.

This offer is available at select Best Buy stores onl,y so interested gamers should check out their favorite Best Buy locations to confirm if they are offering this amazing deal.