Comcast Launches ‘Watchable’ Online Video Service For iOS, Web and X1 DVR

Comcast Launches 'Watchable' Online Video Service For iOS, Web and X1 DVR

The new ‘Watchable’ service from Comcast is a cross-platform video service which is now available in beta version to users of iOS, the Web and the X1 DVR.
(Photo : Comcast)

Comcast announced that its new, cross-platform video service known as Watchable is now available in beta version.

Watchable can now be enjoyed by users of iOS, the web and the X1 DVR of Comcast. A version for Android is currently in the works.

Whether potential users are Comcast customers or not, they are advised to sign up and create an account in order to start enjoying the service. Comcast said that all streamed contents will be supported through advertising and will be organized under various categories. These include Auto, Sports, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Fashion & Style, News, Food & Travel, Music, Funny and Gaming.

"Today we're launching the beta version of Watchable, a new, cross-platform video service that curates a selection of the best content from popular online video networks and shows in an easy-to-use experience," said Comcast on its official site.

According to Comcast, the Watchable service has around 30 digital partners, the majority of which do not cater to a TV audience. Instead, they are more widely known as Web-based programming providers.

These partners include AwesomenessTV, Vox, CelebTV, Video Detective, Collective Digital Studio, TYT Network, Defy Media, TEN, Discovery Digital Networks, Tastemade, Fast Company, Scripps Networks Interactive, Flama, Red Bull, Future Today, POPSUGAR, GarageMonkey, Newsy, GoPro, Network A, Junkin Media, NBCUniversal, Machinima, Mic Media, Maker Studios, and Mashable.

"We think Watchable can be a unique place that curates and distributes the best content from some of the most recognized brands and producers on the web. Plus, many of our Watchable partners have not traditionally had distribution on the TV and we can give them a path to reach new audiences and further monetize their content on the biggest screen in the home."

The decision to launch a new streaming service came as a way to address the situation wherein younger customers are veering away from traditional TV viewing and relying heavily on viewing content from providers such as Netflix and Internet players such as YouTube.

"When you have a legacy company whose customers are experiencing a high degree of frustration, an audience that is actively seeking alternatives, and a whole generation not opting into the old model, this poses a difficult situation for a provider such as Comcast," said Steve Beck, managing partner at cg42, a management consultancy firm.

The new Watchable service will be free and ad-supported. As it expands, the company promises to add more network partners. Other plans in the future include making the experience more personalized and creating options that will allow online content sharing.