Apple Music Guided Tour Videos Roll Out To Lure Subscribers As Free Trials End [Video]

Apple Music Guided Tour Videos Roll Out To Lure Subscribers As Free Trials End [Video]

Modifying your artist preferences can be intuitive and easy, Apple shows.
(Photo : Apple)

As Apple Music free trial is nearing its end, Cupertino takes a serious step in explaining the ins and outs of its music streaming service.

Apple Music's features and functions are thoroughly explained in a series of videos. The "guided tour" walkthroughs are meant to persuade users to stay connected to the service and shell out $10 a month for that. The three-month free trial expires soon and the iPhone producer is keeping a firm grip on any information pertaining to the number of users who ditched Apple Music already. Rumor is that more than half of the initial subscribers did, but no concrete information exists.

During the recent launch of the three new Apple products, there was hardly any mention of Apple Music.

"They avoided talking about Apple Music because they don't have to," music blogger Bob Lefsetz declared.

Lefsetz has always been a voracious critic of Apple Music. He chastised the poor Apple Music's functionality last week, in a statement where he links iTunes' heritage to the unwieldiness of the new music service.

If enough users watch the (late released) introductory videos, Apple Music has an edge on Spotify. In truth, the Swedish-British app is not much easier to navigate than the music service from Apple, but the American app can be daunting for people who are unaccustomed to how streaming works.

The marketing division of the Cupertino must focus its attention on streaming latecomers and create extra value for them. $9.99 monthly for a gargantuan all-you-can-listen-to, on-demand, advertising-free buffet is a sound deal and Apple ups the ante with a family plan enabling six-users to share an account for $14.99.

There is a strong resemblance between the tutorials Apple has done for the Apple Watch earlier this year and the guided tour videos. The tutorials were aimed at showing iOS users how the wearable interacts with Siri and what are the financial and fitness abilities of the Apple Watch.

The short how-to videos cover the full functionality of the Apple Music app, from the New and For You pages to the Connect service and playlists.

A thing to remember is that the subscriptions are set to auto-renew, meaning that listeners have to go into settings in order to manually cancel the auto enabling of the service.

Here are the videos.