Android Wear For iPhone: How And Why Should You Install

Android Wear For iPhone: How And Why Should You Install

Google has rolled out Android Wear for iOS, with all future Android Wear smartwatches to be compatible with Apple's iPhone.
(Photo : Google | iTunes)

Google has rolled out Android Wear for iOS, allowing Android Wear-based smartwatches that used to only work with Android-powered smartphones to now work with Apple's iPhones.

iPhone owners that would like to install Android Wear into their smartphones can download it from the App Store, though the app is only limited to working with the iPhone 5 or later with iOS 8.2 or higher installed.

Currently, only one Android Wear-powered smartwatch is tagged to officially work with the iPhone, and that is the LG Watch Urbane. However, according to the blog post made by Google to announce the release of Android Wear for the iOS, the company said that all upcoming Android Wear smartwatches will also be compatible with iPhones.

Future compatible devices include the Huawei Watch, which was recently put up for pre-orders on Amazon but had its page pulled down. However, the pre-order listing on Amazon hinted that the Huawei Watch is compatible with iOS devices, and Google's announcement confirms the feature.

Aside from installing the app into their iPhone, users will not have to make any changes to their Android Wear smartwatch. Users will only have to launch the app in their iPhone and turn on Bluetooth, which will have the app search for nearby Android Wear devices. Once the device is located, users can then pair their Android Wear smartwatch to their iPhone through the code that appears on the face of the smartwatch.

Once pairing is done, the Android Wear app will prompt the user to sign in with their Gmail account and activate Google Now, location services and other notifications.

The Android Wear smartwatch will be able to display the iMessages that the user receives on their iPhones, but can only reply through the smartphone. Hangouts messages, however, can be replied to directly from the Android Wear device.

Calls received on the iPhone can be ignored or answered through the Android Wear device, but users will have to take out their smartphone to talk to whoever is calling them.

Restrictions for Android Wear users on the iPhone begin with the lack of third-party watch apps that are available for download, in addition to limited functions for OK Google. Users can make Internet searches and set reminders, calendar items and alarms, but they would not be able to send Hangouts messages, text messages and chat messages.

Music on the iPhone, including music apps such as Apple Music, can be controlled through the paired Android Wear smartwatch , however.

The feature to pair up Android Wear devices with the iPad is not yet currently available though, with the iPhone the only supported iOS device so far.