IEHA Tips – Keep Your Move Smooth

If you or your family are ever among the estimated 40 million Americans who move into a new home each year, these tips can help ease the transition:


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  • Make your move cathartic: Get rid of as much stuff as possible to reduce clutter in your new home. Give unwanted items to friends or charity, recycle, or hold a garage or yard sale. The fewer items you bring into your new home, the less you will need to clean and maintain.
  • Get to know the new neighbors before you move. Then, about two weeks after you move in, have a small housewarming party. Keep it simple, fun and short. Odds are, you and/or your family members will be invited to visit in return.
  • Give young children a familiar place. Make your child’s new room look and feel as much like the old one as possible. Paint the walls the same color, because color is a strong sensory trigger and can comfort children.
  • Let older children and teens redecorate. This will help them personalize their space to feel more at home.
  • Experience the joys of community. Attend homeowners association meetings and local school events.
  • Keep important routines the same. Meal and bedtime routines are important to children. With so many other changes in their lives, make sure they can count on some things being the same.
  • Schedule high-speed Internet, cable TV and phone connections in advance. Family members that have these familiar surroundings right away can get acclimated to a new home more easily.

Disclaimer →IEHA Tips – Keep Your Move Smooth:  Created on November 3rd, 2013.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014