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  • 19 Domesticated Foxes That Will Make You Want One ASAP
    3. Like any other household animal, they’re very motivated by treats. Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/domesticated-foxes/
  • The Forgery That Helped Make Michelangelo Famous
    At the beginning of his career, Michelangelo went along with a plan to make a marble sculpture look much older in origin. It helped make his career.”> If theres one constant in the lives of artists, its this: its damn hard to be a budding creative. From the Renaissance to the contemporary isms, art has […]
  • Women Must Fight President Trump: Gloria Steinem Delivers Powerful Post-Election Message
    At an exhibition of Annie Leibovitz portraits of famous women, Steinem told the audience, We may look up and feel powerless and think theres nothing we can do, but its not true.”> On Wednesday afternoon, a first year female student at New York Citys Barnard College was vividly recalling the excitement of casting her first-ever […]

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